Frequently Asked Questions for Nearmap NAVIG8 2021

Follow the link provided in the confirmation email, where you’ll be taken to a short instructional video. From there, click “GO TO LOBBY” to enter our virtual event space. 

The Keynote session runs from 12PM to 1:30PM and will be accessible through the “KEYNOTE” door in the virtual lobby — you will only need to enter once to hear all of our Keynote guests.

Following the Keynote session, navigate back to the virtual lobby and head through the door titled “SUPER SESSIONS/WORKSHOPS”. From there, you’ll be able to explore the agenda.  Please note, the agenda will stream in 30 minute blocks starting at 1:30PM and concluding at 5:00PM.

No worries! The entire event will be made available on-demand at Midday on October 21 — the day after the event. We’ll be sure to reach out with instructions on how to access these.

We recommend joining us from a desktop computer/laptop to get the best experience.

There will be a fully-staffed support team for the duration of the event, which you can access by clicking the "HELP DESK" button in the bottom right of the any page during the event.

Our team members are ready to speak to you live! Head to ‘networking’ via the lobby or the top navigation bar from 1:30PM to join a video call with other event attendees. Just remember to turn on your camera and audio for the video call.

For the best virtual viewing experience and to move around the exhibition, use the arrows on your keyboard, or the following letters; A W S D. Alternatively, you can use your mouse. Click on any artwork to enlarge and interact with it!